Turning to a New Chapter

“Story is the human operating system.”
— Mary Alice Arthur

Stories are how we make sense of the world. They are how we transmit information human-to-human.

It is with a mix of sadness and excitement at what the future will bring, that I draw my EHF chapter to a close.

What’s next for me?

In short, I want to help tell the stories that can inspire a better world for all.

  • Content creation to communicate the impacts that organisations are making
  • Telling the stories of humans working within organisations, and driving the change
  • Impact reporting
  • Impact Strategy
  • Brand storytelling development and content marketing
  • Strategic advice across communications, marketing and content creation
  • Video storyboarding and direction
  • Web content copywriting
  • Continuing to write, produce and publish spoken word poetry that challenges and invites people to make a difference
  • Performing at conferences, summits, festivals, symposia, and other events
  • Writing and/or performing bespoke poems to communicate the specific messages of organisations, non-profits, and movements
  • Continuing to publish stories on Medium, about the intersections of entrepreneurship, technology, anthropology, environmental issues, and social justice.



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