It’s Time to Move from Me to We

Individualism has failed. Time for a new narrative of unity.

And it utterly fails to recognise that we don’t, in fact, live in a vacuum.

Ardern’s brilliant use of the phrase “team of five million” to refer to New Zealand’s entire population is one that will go down in history books as a grand, unifying frame that helped New Zealand eliminate the virus.

We have created a globalised world; consequently our greatest challenges are shared globally and we have a responsibility to cooperate globally to solve them.

Given that New Zealand has only 5 million people, the generosity displayed would be the equivalent of Americans donating US$430 million to the victims and families of the Charleston shootings. Imagine that. That’s the power of a narrative of unity.

Storytelling | Narrative | Systems Change | Spoken Word | Currently writing a book on storytelling, narrative & systems change |

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