Gay or Nay in Vietnam

What happens when pride and pragmatism collide?

Once you’ve come out, can you ever go back in again?

We laughed and bonded. We started getting to know each other.

Me being gay on a bike in Canada in 2010
This one in Vietnam. Not so gay.

“Who cares if he knows? Who cares what he thinks? You don’t owe anyone any apologies or explanations. Why does this matter? You’re a human, he’s a human. Your gayness does not define you absolutely as a person. It’s only one element of you. Just forget about it, and have a good time.”

There is no recourse for weighing up a situation, and deciding what is best, given the company, the time, the place, and the head space that you’re in.

Storytelling | Narrative | Systems Change | Spoken Word | Currently writing a book on storytelling, narrative & systems change |

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