EHF named finalists in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards

For anyone looking for direction about the kinds of companies and ideas that the Edmund Hillary Fellowship is looking to attract, Fast Company’s list of World Changing Idea finalists are a great source of inspiration.

  • The Toilet Accelerator by the Toilet Board Coalition ~ Working with businesses to maximise their impact on bringing toilets to the 2.4 billion people around the world living without improved sanitation.
  • Coral Vita ~ Restoring reefs with resilient farmed coral, Coral Vita are establishing a global network of land-based farms to help protect the communities, industries, natural ecosystems, and nations that depend on healthy reefs.
  • Sunqiao by Sasaki ~ An urban agriculture initiative in Shanghai helping to provide one of the world’s largest mega-cities with fresh, locally-harvested food.
  • Totem by Totem Power ~ A powerful platform that combines solar energy production and storage, WiFi and 4G communications, electric vehicle charging, and smart lighting into a single, powerful product that weaves these capabilities directly into the built environment.
  • Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods ~ Creating a convincing plant-based burger that tastes, smells, feels and even “bleeds” just like real meat, but without the planetary and climate change footprint that the meat industry produces.



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